Your Cottage

Do you have a “footprint”?

Next time you’re walking in the sand, look behind you. Can you see your footprints?

Have you ever thought that YOU are also a footprint on the Earth?

Every one of us uses a certain amount of water, land and resources from the Earth and the amount we use, together with the amount of waste we give back, is called our “Human Footprint”.

Now… put that together with everyone in your family and their footprints. It’s easy to see that our footprint is HUGE!

Today, there are approximately 6,841,000,000 people on the planet – that’s a LOT of footprints!

Cutting trees to build homes and furniture, taking minerals from underground to make cars and trucks, taking water from the lake so we have water to drink and using more gas than we actually need (which won’t last forever!) are examples of how we are taking things from the Earth that the Earth can’t re-create fast enough, if ever!

Put that together with all of our landfills, the pollution going into our rivers and lakes and you have a very large human footprint on the Earth. The more people with more footprints on our Earth makes it hard for nature to “recharge” and find a way to handle them all.

Hold a GREEN Birthday Party!