Waterfront Shorelines

What is so important about the SHORELINE?

Take a walk down to the water’s edge. What do you see? Rocks, sand, bushes, trees, grass, water. What don’t you see? All the things living under the water, right? This shoreline area (the area under the water and on the land) is very important to animals, birds, insects, plants and us! Lots of creatures love the shoreline because they can find food here; they can find plants to hide in for shelter or shade and, of course, water to drink.

Many things happen at the shoreline

  • Fish will spawn in sand, rocks or cobble
  • Aquatic insects mate and have babies
  • Ducks and other water birds build their nests and lay their eggs
  • Turtles climb onto shore to lay eggs
  • Fish, animals and birds eat the plants that grow in the water
  • Plants on shore and underwater provide shelter
  • Shrubs and trees on shore “eat” extra nutrients from septic systems and fertilized lawns – they act like a filter so these extra nutrients don’t reach the lake
  • Shrubs and trees help protect shorelines from big waves and give shade to the land and water below

Humans love this space too, because this is usually where your dock is, where you want to swim or fish, where you launch your boat and where you may sit on a starry night and listen to the waves hit the shore.

There are many good reasons to protect the shoreline for everyone!