Aquatic Plants and Insects

Did you Know there is Life Underwater?

Just like there are plants on land, there are plants underwater called AQUATIC PLANTS

Aquatic plants are important because:

  • They provide food and home to fish, bugs and wildlife.
  • Their roots hold sand and soil together at the bottom of the lake so it doesn’t wash away.
  • The plants that grow right along the shoreline help protect the shore when big waves come crashing in – from a storm or from a big boat!

Path Rush

Have you seen these?

Maybe you have seen some of these plants at your shoreline – remember, they are very important to some mammals as well as to fish, crayfish and bugs for food and shelter. So… try to protect them and leave them for wildlife to enjoy. PLEASE DON’T PULL THEM OUT!

The more bugs the better!


The more bugs and the more types of bugs there are in the lake or river, the healthier it is. Have you ever seen mayflies or stink bugs at the cottage? These are common bugs here in northwestern Ontario that live at least part of their life in the water.

Other insects, bats, birds and fish all depend on these bugs for food, so they keep many species happy in the water.

Shoreline Plants

Bugs that live in the water can also tell us something about the health of the water. Because they are so tiny, they are quickly affected by bad or polluted water, even in small amounts.

It is important to watch the bugs carefully if we are interested in how good the water is in a lake or stream – if they start to die, there is something wrong and the fish may be next!


If you would like to learn more about which bugs are sensitive to bad water and which are not, go to USDA Forest Service Web Site for more information.