People and Wildlife

Wildlife Need a Home too!

Just like we need a home, animals need special places they can call home, too. Yours might be a house or a cottage, theirs is likely a forest, wetland or marsh, lake or a riverbank.

We call it their habitat.

At the cottage, it is important for us to remember that we are visitors to the forest and the lake and we need to find ways to share so we can all have a home here.

There was a time when there was more wildlife on the planet than people… now, people take over huge parts of the earth and the habitat where wildlife once lived is getting less and less.

From forests being cut down to build cities or create farmland to people changing the natural environment around their homes and cottages, there has been a lot of change for wildlife.

Sometimes, if an animal is “rare” to an area, it needs very specific types of habitats for survival and if that is taken away, that species can become extinct and disappear.

Feeding wildlife – is it a good thing to do?

Although it may seem nice to feed wildlife, it isn’t a good thing for animals to eat human food – they get all the good food they need from Mother Nature. Here are a few reasons why we should never feed wildlife:

  • Animals may lose their natural fear of humans if they are always being fed by them and then will keep coming back for more, maybe when you don’t expect them!
  • Animals can become dependent on human food, and then they may not be able to survive in the wilderness
  • Feeding wildlife may bring unwanted animals to your property – bears enjoy deer food as well!
  • Artificial feed or human food is unhealthy for wildlife