Greener Landscapes

“Greener Landscapes” means that we are choosing to keep things as natural as possible at the cottage – keeping more “green” means keeping as many trees, wildflowers, shrubs and bushes… and NOT using stuff like fertilizer or bug or weed killers.
Really… it just means keeping things as “natural” as possible.

Got Pests?

If you have a vegetable garden at your cottage, are insects munching on them before you do? This is nature at work, because insects need to eat, too! But, we usually consider them “pests” because we want to enjoy the flowers or the vegetables.
Try making your own bug spray:

  1. Mix one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap with one cup of vegetable oil
  2. When you are ready to spray, put one or two teaspoons of the mixture with a cup of water in a spray bottle and shake well.
  3. Spray the infected plants, but be careful not to spray when the weather is too hot, as vegetable oil can burn plants in hot weather.
I don’t want to cut the grass!

Give Dad a break. You can help by creating a backyard habitat.

Growing a backyard habitat helps the environment by giving animals more food and shelter. If you don’t have as much grass to cut, it also helps the environment by cutting down on the use of polluting lawnmowers! Pick a weekend and plant some trees or wildflowers that are “native” to the area around your cottage (this means planting trees and flowers that already grow in the area naturally – just look around your cottage and see what’s already there). These are the best because they don’t need special care – Mother Nature already decided this is the right place for them to grow so there must be enough water, soil and sunshine for them naturally.

Trees grow deep roots that keep soil from washing away and also conserve water. Your habitat will encourage beautiful birds, butterflies, insects and other wildlife to your yard. Wildlife need food, water and shelter to survive. Because so many animals have been pushed out of their natural habitats by buildings and roads, your backyard will become a very important place for them.. When you plant native trees, bushes and flowers, you have already begun to provide these for them.