Hazardous Waste

What is Waste?

WASTE is what we call anything we throw in the garbage. It can be food, that old TV or computer, clothes, food containers, old oil or gas from the lawnmower…..anything we think we can’t use anymore or don’t want anymore.

What is Hazardous Waste?

Many things in our cottage, house, garage or outside are called “hazardous waste”. Here’s what makes it HAZARDOUS:

Everything flows downhill… Usually to water!
  • There is something inside of it that could explode or start on fire.
  • It is dangerous to humans (can make us sick) or the environment (can pollute water, kill vegetation or fish, make wildlife sick).
  • It’s poisonous to humans or animals and could make us very sick.

Examples you might find in your cottage are:

  • Cleaners to clean the sink, the tub, the oven, your laundry
  • Cans of paint, cans of hairspray
  • Pesticides used to kill bugs in your garden or on the lawn
  • Gasoline or motor oil in the quad, lawn mower or car
  • Batteries in your favourite toy

If hazardous waste is dumped in the sink or out in the yard or sent to a landfill, it can poison drinking water supplies, contaminate soil and air, and poison aquatic life in our lakes and rivers. We need to be extra careful where we put these items when we are done with them. Anything that is hazardous waste has a special place to go…and its not in the garbage can or down the drain. Remember… everything that goes down ANY drain ANYWHERE ends up in water somewhere, because everything flows downhill and water is always there at the bottom (a lake, a river, a pond, water under the ground).