Save Energy – Save the Environment

Turn off the Lights!

When do YOU use energy? Watching TV? To charge up your IPOD? To make toast for breakfast? When you turn a light on?

ENERGY is what makes things run and work in your cottage and it seems to always be there whenever we need it, so it’s way too easy to forget where it comes from, how it is made and how much it costs. Energy is wasted if we use more than we really need or when we leave things ON when we aren’t using them.

ENERGY ISN’T FREE! Your parents have to pay for all of the energy you use at the cottage, whether the energy comes from burning propane, using electricity or using batteries. So… if you waste energy, you waste MONEY too!

Wasting energy isn’t good for the environment, either… most of the energy we use comes from things like coal or natural gas and these can NEVER BE REPLACED – once we use them up, they are gone FOREVER! AND… most forms of energy cause POLLUTION.

Using too much energy can hurt the environment

  • Electricity is made when water flows through something called a “dam” and dams can often hurt the environment by causing flooding and covering good land with water. Some of this land may have been the home of wildlife or even people! If we keep demanding more energy, we may need to build more dams!
  • Electricity can also be made by burning coal. At the big coal plants, huge smoke stacks let off CO2 or carbon dioxide, called “greenhouse gas”, causing the earth to warm up each year (global warming). Our planet is warming because the greenhouse gases aren’t letting the sun’s heat escape back into the atmosphere – it gets “trapped” close to earth and then the earth starts to heat up